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Why United PT?

United Physical Therapy of New Hampshire is committed to providing a personalized approach to therapy, recovery, and pain management. Our duo of licensed therapists possesses years of knowledge and experience helping clients overcome various sorts of pain and injuries. Because of that experience, they understand that each case is different, and strive to produce unique, customized, and effective recovery plans for each individual client.

The world of physical therapy is ever-evolving with new technology, and new strategies to mitigate, treat, and prevent pain. Our therapists utilize a combination of traditional and innovative treatment methods to help our patients recover faster and better. For instance, our physical therapists are certified dry needling specialists, making United PT one of only a handful of Manchester and Londonderry therapists incorporating this modern technique into their overall treatment methods.

We care about our clients’ long term health, and while we appreciate each and every one, our goal at the end of therapy is to prevent our clients from having to come back for more treatment for the same issue. Accordingly, we try to provide each client with injury prevention strategies, techniques, and information. For example, we incorporate the McGill Progression Program for Dysfunctional Spines into our treatment of clients with back pain. This program teaches and encourages functional, safe movements of the spine that apply to day-to-day activities.

Our two offices are conveniently located in Manchester and Londonderry, NH. Call to schedule an appointment today!

Ian MacDonald